– How does this work

February 27, 2017

How do we work?

In one sentence: We take what you know and turn it into an elegantly designed software application for a mobile device. We do this so that we, and you, can make a profit from other people using this application. Everybody wins.

More specifically…

  • You have an idea, a lifetime of experience and specific knowledge about how your industry runs; Where it can be improved, what tools you need, etc… Most of this is probably being under utilized. We see potential in that space, and can capitalize on it.
  • We have the know-how to actually bring a project to life.  By leveraging our skills and expertise, we build something together with you, that we couldn’t have made as well on our own. Software Creation as a Service.

What is the first step?

  • Contact us using the form on our main page
  • We’ll email you a template of what information we need to make a decision on whether your idea is viable as an App
  • We decide whether we should proceed, then we’ll contact you via email detailing how we think would be best. Or if not, we’ll explain why not or request more information about your idea to expand our understanding of what you have in mind.
  • At this point, we’ll negotiate with you to determine who owns what and how to split any potential earnings made by the App. (Through either advertising or purchases.) We pride ourselves on being fair and operating with integrity. Money isn’t why we do this.
  • We build the application.
  • We release the App via specific carriers, or to the specific company it was developed for.
  • Everybody wins.

If the application requires additional updates, support or service, this is something that we accommodated in our legal agreements. If it becomes evident after the App is released, we’ll work with you to achieve the best version of your idea possible.