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Got a great idea for a Mobile APP?

Featured App: Ammo Handler

Time-saving, accurate, and field portable solution for making sure you stay on the right side of transport regulations.

Simple Navigation keeps you moving forward

Even your cherry LT can’t get lost working his way through this app. Forget flipping back and forth through hundreds of pages trying to sort through hazard classifications and nomenclature… Straightforward, no-frills design keeps it simple and to the point.

Accuracy you can rely on Every Time

Instantly sort everything in your convoy according to Federal requirements with a simple swipe! Logical algorithms eliminate human error and manage risk so you don’t have to.

A day’s work done in SECONDS

Predictive search makes finding items EASY and FAST. A couple of swipes later, and your transport log is done.

Available on Android and iOS devices!

Store all your logs for repeat trips to the range, easily look up munitions for quick reference, load out with the necessary hazard placards* and more!

*Feature currently in development.

You want to know what's All Jacked-up? Feel free to take notes.

Our philosophy

How to stack the deck for every App we develop.
Make EVERY endeavor easier for the end user (alliteratively, if possible)

It doesn't matter what industry you work in; Military. Food Service. Accounting. Fitness. Some part of your job could be simpler; More efficient. We recognize that you know what that something is. We want to take your ideas and design an elegant solution to your everyday problems and cut you in on the profits .

Our small team is ideal for rapid prototyping and creating adaptive applications based on your hard-earned experience. With over 25 years of combined development expertise we can bring your dream apps to life.

Let's make the world a better place, one co-developed app at a time; together.

  • Over 25 Years of combined Development experience
  • Small team Agility applied to big ideas
  • Rapid prototyping in 3 months or less
  • A significant percent of our total, and individual member, profit is donated to charitable organizations and causes


Cross disciplinary professionals ready to turn your dream app into a reality.
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Alexander J. Sherwood

Project Manager and Art Lead
– 7 Year Army Combat Veteran and former Quiet Professional
– Upstate NY Native, Washingtonian transplant
– Pre-med student and overachiever

            – De Oppresso Liber –
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Jens Anderson

Support and Testing Lead
– 4 Years Marketing
– 4 Years Support
– PNW, born and raised
– Guitarist/Singer
– Dirt Bike! Snowboard! Wakeboard!

“Rage against the dying of the light” – Dylan Thomas
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Sampson Wescoatt

Engineering and Programming Lead
– Ten years in Information Technology
– IT Manager by day / App Developer by night
– Born, raised, and back in Hawaii

       “Seek peace, grow, love,                           and be thankful.”

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